Sunday, 3 June 2007

no stamina

My cousin got married yesterday was a wonderful wedding, managed a hour with the life model today and threw the towel in am to far gone. Got this though off Phil Garret

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Is my first dry point ,He did all the printing as he has the skills but i did the plate. Its not everything ive always wanted from an etching but has some nice qualities .Id realy like to produce these sort of things but of the drawings I do when out and about, will leave it all on the dream pile for the moment.

With it being so sharp in contrast the flaws in the drawing realy show is realy quite a diffrent thing from the brush and ink drawing i did a few weeks ago.

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whistler did some good stuff and hes a painter i admire as well

Got this image from which is an art gallery in texas, whistler was an american but lived most of his life in london , his sucess was limited though as he wasnt in with the people who ran the art world which is a bit of a shame as he was very good.

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Shambhu said...

I enjoyed your artwork!