Wednesday, 6 June 2007

bar work

Here is another one am working on some paintings of people in bars for an exhibition at the moment am hopeing i will have a little sucess at selling some .

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quite like this little drawing i have lots of problems when i try and transfer these sorts of things to paintings it all seems to drift apart for some reason but it is getting better. Am hoping the future will bring somthing good.

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Here is a fellow i work with , he was doing a cross word in the staff room so i thought i would jot him down.

image found at they are a company that sells prints of contempery work ,theres a lot of money in that sort of thing if you can get into it and have a good contract

Here is another artist that i was a big fan of through my time at art school Anne Magill, when i was in the art shop buying paint one time the lady there rose told me that she lived in liverpool for a little while .Its not exactly wht i want to do but its more to my liking than Jack Vettriano whos a bit to romantic for me.

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