Thursday, 28 June 2007

peter blake eating breakfast behind me

Am in the staff resource room and peter blake the pop artist is telling one of the cutrators what he likes for breakfast ,full english. Is all go here his show is opening.

But lets get back to me and my ego.

This is what i ended up with was happy witht the sholder and upper arm but the rest isnt realy setting the world on fire, is always the way.

And heres one from a few weeks back much the same thing realy, I wonder were my problems are that always makes things easier having a clue. Tones are not correct and i got scared as well which is never good .Started one last night just doing tones and will be intresting to see what i make of it with a fresh eye.

Had a little look through the libary and did a bit of the K section. kossoff he seems to be a solid painter a friend of mine phil has mentioned him a few times. reminds me of jack yates but with out the colour. There was de kooning not so sure on him. kokoschka got some nice things going on as well some nice figure work but isnt a very good book we have here. Actualy the next book is much better oil painting with plenty of marks not enough darks for me realy though, but still good.

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