Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Im pleased with this so far a friend told me the thigh was good but he sholders and head are too small. I think that it is a gradual distortion were ive enlarged everything slightly as ive gone down the canvas ,maybe i can give her a bit more on the chin.

Im quite worried that im going to butcher it the next session and go to tight with it, its ok now and its all mid tones so i should be able to get some volume in it , is always bad when you start to light.

What i realy want to do with her is have a fair bit of pink in it, there was a point were she was embarresed a little and the blood rose to the skin and i think that would make a nice painting. Im very concerned about the feet the left one in particular and the fingers are looking like bananas any way see what happens next sunday.

liverpool academy of arts

The academy had been running since 1763 and looks like it will close in december just before the capital of culture year. Is a bit sad realy ,the council for a long time has give the academy a little money to help suport it and so exhibitions can be advertised but that has now been stopped as there has been an over spend of about 18 million ,(people are jumping ship now). The culture company that was formed to co-ordinate the culture year and events leading up to this , i dont realy want to write about it its just sad and to think William Roscoe was involved with it and what he did for the art collection this city has. And what the people in charge are letting go on, very poor leadership is a plesant way of putting it.

william roscoe a scouser worth reading about.

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