Saturday, 9 June 2007

life class a usual saturday

Sorry i cant put up the drawing they dont photo well and are to large for the scanner

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the foot nearest Terry drew over and corrected.

This is a detail Ill just put down my old masters advice about it (is good to have one) Theres no straights which you should use to show the diffrence between bone and flesh and it dosnt matter if you have a lot of them as in the whole drawign they are not seen and people just asume your using curves when you are not.

I should also put anatomy in when i can see it ,this is a point i disagree with you should draw whats in front of you i think, but his drawings are better and more informed because he does that so im not in a possition to push my view. He is correct not sure why im a bit difficult on points like that but if Im not an arrogant apperntice who fancy's him self there wouldnt be any fun in our conversations. The others in the art class think its hilarious that i dissagree with him as he is quite set in his ways. He finds it funny to and enjoys the battle its go to the point now were i dont point out mistakes on his and theres banter around it.

he gave me one of his drawings that isnt finished am going to study it to see how he dose it.

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Saw some police officers doing there paper work out in the sun ,was a lovly hot day today. did the mans head wrong and havnt got the light correct , didnt want to hang around incase they took a dislike to me.

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I liked doing the man on this one he had a stong face and the women sitting next to me were looking over my shoulder, was a bit uncomfortable doing the girl friend as she was showing a lot of her chest and i didnt want her so see me looking at her (wish she had a better bra). I like the torso on the man best the rest is just a set of out lines and isnt realy drawn so much .Is difficult small and at distance.

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Last one for today am going to have dinner now. Is a better bit of drawing than the one above, I quite like how the cheek holds the face together but the eyes are a dissapointment ,they were the first thing i did and i knew they were wrong as soon as i started them. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Dmitry Samarov said...

Those feet are really good...just enough...