Tuesday, 29 May 2007

emil nolde

The image here is hosted at artnet.com looks like an exelent website and well worth visiting
emil nolde at artnet.com

I saw a show of his in Jena and though it was wonderful and hes some one i look up to

Ive decided to start mentioning the people who inspire me in this blog, he had a bit of a tough time under the Nazi's as they didnt like his type of painting much so he had to do some in secret ,Id like to have a freedom to alow the materials to do what they want as he dose and his sence of color is magnificant.

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Bit of a scrible from the other day intresting how you drop in and out of form this is from having had a bit to drink but the others cant realy say. I like this happy free line but would be nice if it was a bit more contrasting.

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Some nice tone in this one family were all around though and couldnt realy get on with it, shame will go back and do a few more am starting to think of walter sicket now but ill save a link to him for another day.

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This man was chewing on somthing and his sons moved a lot ,quite like familys especialy family men would be nice to do as a serise of work someday.

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