Tuesday, 17 June 2008

what a read

unbelivable drama in todays paper. One of my super lamb bananas has been stollen!!!

Am not amused as i was working till mid night after my shifts at the tate guarding the art.

Also the culture company pies that we got to keep us going while we were painting therm might be all over to . (that was another 2 pages into the echo)

Will have to see how all this unfolds .

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Chris Bellinger said...

hi ben
nice to see you are still bloging!
i still do not quite get the word lamb bannanas?
anyway i suppose you could say it got you publicity.
I have posting more stuff and changing things around recently, Doing a bit of decorating on my side bar, let me know what you hink of it if you have a chance,
2nd year of uni raises more questions, the second semester was a bit of a waste of time..........