Tuesday, 1 April 2008

2 tails


The drawing isnt anything to do with either.

A proffessional painter i know (walls not canvas) being self employed has to work while hes ill. Has some stiches in his neck and didnt have time to get them taken out .Anyway hes doing the new house of 2 juniour doctors and they said it would have to be done as the skin grows over if you leave it. So in his break next tuesday they will sort it out for him in hte kitchen (asuming he dosnt spill anything on the carpet or anything crazy- wont happen he is a proffessional)

I had a bit of fun to in a underwear shop. Missus had to get some new stuff, so i stood with the other awquid looking me until i was abandoned. Did a bit of drawing to pass the time, the maniquins in the shop were remarkably good i wondered about the sculpture who made them and what he thought of making maniquins.

I got an admirer also ,one of that ladys that worked there which was better than being throwen out, good enough my fiannce didnt come out of the changing room and bounce me.


Draw-a-rama said...

ha ha `bounce me` - genius :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben
I've only just picked up your comment on my blog - I've been busy with work and with having my bathroom done which was a nightmare!
I've added a link on it to this blog.
Hope you are well - what news of the wedding? Speak soon.


AVBK said...

I just get ? marks where your drawings are supposed to be - can you check the links to your drawings - I don't think they are working. I love the text and the drawing I can see (the 2 tails' one)- please try to get the rest on view.