Thursday, 4 October 2007

no access

Myspace is doing somthing so blog is here.

Have started using facebook a bit and has turned up my old flat mates from uni. Like everyone i supose we were a wild bunch of boys drinking a lot and missing classes but it will be intresting to see were there at now 7 years later im still with the girl i met in 1st year another lad lives on the Isle of man.

Hva decided to buy a data projector will cost a few pounds and there is a post stike on which has cabbaged it a little but think somthing good may come of it. This is going to be my christmass present to myself.

Have been very moody of late and am not to sure why ?Am feeling down at the minute and then sometimes feel great am not to pleased would like some consistancy (not constant missery). Am worried about painting the future and everything, have a load of new canvas's (some arnt the squarest of things) and belive that if i paint a serise of master peices that the world will suddenly be great again. The more I think of this as a job what im trying to do the more it looks like an addiction or a mental illness.

AM struggling a lot with a paying job and will meet two people about work tonight so will be intresting.

Eileen disaproves a little of me blogging about her so i wont say much but will be nice to see her. There are somthings id like to talk about but i dont think she will be in the mood with all the work she has on.

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