Thursday, 11 October 2007

blog continues

Am now in work which is alright and a few quid, is always like this and anyone reading will get this first as the blog is not cronilogical. Any how they asked me to work the turner prize private view but i cant as im in germany. Is a bit of a shame but they dont pay extra and im missing eileen.

On with the nudity.

The tutour from JMU had a few things to say about my method and i agree with him i dont variy my lines enough, but he said the drawings are solid.

Had another bash with pastles after last saturdays meeting.

I like this sort of stuff and we have some degas upstairs here in the gallery. I realy could do with a bigger range of colours as you cant mix them but there about 3 pound each so it gets expensive very quickly and ive been going a bit wild with my money anyway. Went the next portraite comes in i might do it.

I like the Blue and green got that of a luicean freud DVD i was watching recently, interviews with all his sitters. She has pale skin which is difficult i think building the tones up in charcol first is the best plan and then i built the layers up ,Used a whole bottle of hairspray on it.

This is the actual drawing it was taken off. I wanted her to have a curve and there was a bit of a show down with terry over that as she was more straight. I tried to force it and it didnt work so well. The leg is to long i think but i enjoyed studying her bum (Its quite good fun to say things like that as its hard to know which way its ment and which way it should be taken) she's got fat muscle and you can see the pelvis ,is an exelent model.

I picked this lad up in the JMU life class was a little nervous at first but got into it. My portraiture still has a long way to go but all the anatomy is there, not much expression though. One of his flat mates will come along in the next few weeks.

This is yesterdays effort loved the pose, would be nice if we had a bean bag at the club.

He did a similar one straight after was good talking to the tutor about it and he said i should try and be a bit more free .hes correct but its always a problem with getting somthing thats solid and free. Most free drawings are just all over the place very few people have ever got it both ways.


artything said...

Hi Ben!
The drawings are very good and I am still following you on myspace though cannot reply!
starting second year at uni.Emphise on group work have not done anything creative in studio there,,,,You can have a look at my blog there is a photo of a group tutorial in progress,,,,part of curenet project about putting things in public place,,,

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