Tuesday, 8 June 2010

should have liked it better

Im a little disapointed with this one. It has all the things i like such as the windows and shadows using spit but its a bit boring. Not sure if its because the people are just there or if because there arnt any wild lines ,everything is where it should be which leaves nothing for the unexpected.

I am pleased with the man with a hat in the background he has a bit of charicter and his pose is very natural. Works well with the light also maybe a bit more contrast over all would have been better.

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AVBK said...

This is an interesting composition. The eye moves to the guy at the back and comes back to the 2 figures on the left who are looking blankly out of the window just as you do on public transport. If these front figures had more detail then the composition won't work so well in depth.The man standing is equally as convincing as the seated figures. I have seen that man many times waiting for his stop. Great piece of observational drawing.