Thursday, 9 August 2007

Myspace ???

Myspace is not letting me in so the blog is here.

Am worried about the hair in my dentists picture will send him a text and sort it out i think. On the bus this morning there was a review of our exhibition in the metro ,I didnt get a mention which was a bit of a dissapointment butmaybe it will help with getting people to visit .Had a slightly unproffesional moment when the cafe staff nxt door all went off to wales not telling anyone and we could not get the keys anymore. Wasnt open for a day but a spare set have been aquired .

Have been getting a lot of work in the tate and am tired was difficult to get up this morning didnt get out of bed until 7. AM wondering about my career again is strange that some people are so keen and others have absolutly no intrest.

Told John who was over from china about jenny saville chris offil and anne magill. I kind of like the idea that me saying somthing here in a pub might have an impact in china and a painter i admire will be showen there .But thats all a bit of a dream , still would be good maybe i could ask for a catolog. (i dont get them here at tate like the other staff as i dont have a contract).
Wonder how the fortune cards are getting on, had a difficult member of the public yesterday who staired alot and told me about snow lepoards. It quite upset me actualy as him insisting this painting of snow lepoards was amazing didnt realy make much sence to me as i couldnt see it and didnt know it. But still he told me that it was realy propper painting for 12 minutes, make you glad that you earn just above the minumum wage.