Tuesday, 31 July 2007

usless myspace blog

have put this here until myspace functions again is the 3rd time i have tried to type it.

what a tuesday
Did a bit of work on a commission this morning and it hasnt started with confidence so i think its going to drag a little. How ever after eating lots of pasta to help frighten myself in to having to buy new and larger trousers i went and did a bit of life drawing.

The computer just threw a wobbler and lost the whole blog after here am not amused. should have knowen

Anyway Besides having to deface it so its nice for people who dont like full frontal male im quite pleased. Terry said i was a bit to kind with his knob but i said you should always romantise the sitter. What im so pleased about is the feet there actualy ok . There not going to win an award but there ok which is quite unlike every drawing ive done for the past 2 years. Am quite impressed with me (theres the modesty again).

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Draw-a-rama said...

but ben, where's the picture? was looking forward to seeing an ahem "romanticised knob". just kiddig, will be in touch soon re hydra, take care ali